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A cheating husband gets cucked into unconsciousness

Image by poszarobert from Pixabay

Rebecca’s anticipation turned to bliss as Howard ran the head of his cock over her clit before sliding inside her from behind. Her boss wrapped her ponytail around his hand and pulled her head back; her hands gripped the sides of the desk as he pounded her. She moaned, and her legs began to shake as her boss drew her closer to orgasm, “May I cum, Sir?”

“Yes, you may…”

Movement caught Howard’s eye. He looked towards the office door and saw Mirabella, his wife, standing there.

“Fuuuccckk, I’m cummmminnng,” Rebecca screamed, distracted from Mirabella’s quiet entrance. Rebecca's legs trembled…

How Brianna used two guys to turn Erika into a cum-hungry whore

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

One Friday night, It was girl’s night in. Before long, we were drunk, we were dancing, and we were waiting for Alec and Blain.

Brianna was wearing a white crop top, which I could see her underboobs and pink booty shorts. I was wearing a white skirt with a cropped black polo.

Brianna was telling me about the first time she met the boys when the doorbell interrupted her. She jumped up, opened the door, and in walked two Greek Gods.

Alec and Blain, crew cuts, All-American smiles, jeans and shirts, and muscles so well developed that I instantly felt…

Orgasmic bliss before breakfast

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

The faint smell of last night's cologne on Corey caused Vanessa to stir. She turned over and rested her face on Noah’s muscular chest as he slept.

She listened to his heartbeat and watched from across his abs as his morning wood throbbed in sync with each beat of his heart.

The morning sun hadn’t quite filled the luxurious penthouse yet. The coffee machine, set for 5 a.m., broke the silence from the downstairs kitchen.

Vanessa felt Corey’s firm body press against hers. …

The seven deadly sins cum to confession

Image by Вера Калугина from Pixabay

I take pride in the fact that I’m a greedy little cumslut with a gluttonous appetite for the wrath of my dominant lover.

It’s the temptation of the flesh that fuels my lust, leaving me a cum drench sloth wherever I slump after having been soul-fucked into a religious experience.

A little envious, maybe?

The mellow red light from the votive candles pervaded the church’s interior as I walked past the rows of pews.

I opened the confessional booth to discover the same erotic ambience as outside its door.

I lifted my religious habit as I stepped in and sat…

photo: SexArt

I’d never been attracted to another woman until I met Lexi.

Lexi and I work out together every weekday before work. She’s a senior partner at my firm; we love how we push each other, so if one of us has an early start, then we’ll both be at the gym by four in the morning.

Usually, we would be finished at the gym by five o’clock. Then we would shower and get ready for the day at the office. I enjoy this routine with Lexi immensely. The fact that Lexi is smoking hot is a major contribution to my enjoyment.

Lexi is what you might call curvy fit. Her measurements…

A young stud fucks the farmer's wife

Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

The porch swing creaked as Ellie Mae sipped her coffee in the morning sun. She looked on as the shirtless Jake stacked hay bales under the apple tree next to the barn, appreciating how well his muscles had adapted to the demands of farm life. She felt herself become wet as the man ten years her junior waved to her.

Ellie Mae moved from the porch swing and stood above the stairs, leaning against the handrail. She raised her arm to wave to Jake, her skimpy denim shorts and white top, allowing the sunlight to accentuate her curvaceous body. Jake…

photo: MetArt

Crushing on my college professor

“Miss Stone, are you paying attention?” asked Professor Smith. I had been daydreaming again.

“I’m sorry, Sir. What was the question?” I asked.

“Up, beside my desk, face the class,” Prof. Smith said.

I knew the position well. This wasn’t my first time daydreaming in Prof. Smith's class.

“Now, explain the answer to the class,” Prof. Smith said.

“I’m not sure what the answer is, Sir,” I said.

“Well, I suppose I must educate you then,” he said.

Prof. Smith walked over to me, bent me over the desk, lifted my skirt, and spanked me with the entire class watching…

Antique dealer discovers BDSM.

Image by Andrea Altini from Pixabay

In the Spring of 2018, I moved to a new town with my boyfriend, Peter. The relocation was an attempt to salvage what was left of our relationship after Peter slept with his secretary at his firm’s Christmas party. I felt in my heart that we would never be the same again, but I went through the motions anyway, like a dutiful girlfriend.

The postcard town bears a resemblance to Salem, MA. A mansion on the hill that overlooks the town captures the attention of residents and visitors alike. …

A bi-sexual wife discovers a new side of her husband

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

My husband, Mitch, and I have been together since high school. When we left high school, Mitch joined the military and I went to college. We managed to stay together throughout his career and I believe it’s made us closer than where we’d be if he had had a regular job. The strains a deployment brings to a relationship really tests your love for each other.

We’re both 29 now and Mitch is transitioning out of the military. After ten years in Special Force, Mitch is looking forward to some downtime in civilian life. I can definitely say I’m looking…

Neglectful husband loses out

Photo by Moncell Allen on Unsplash

In my tenth year of marriage to my husband, James, I felt we were going through the motions.

With our marriage slowly becoming one of convenience, I decided to focus on rekindling the passion that got us to the chapel in the first place.

Try as I might; it became clear that the routine of convenience is what James preferred. Whatever I had planned, James always stood me up.

If I planned a night for a romantic dinner and sex, James would have beers with the boys after work. When he’d get home, it was the “Next time baby. …

Matthew Reedy

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